Joy Comes In The Morning

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Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people. Philemon 1:7

Life Update:

I have been sharing a little on this subject on social media lately… This year has been one of the hardest years of my life. Emotionally I have been a wreck. I’ve been having a hard time processing my emotions and sharing my feelings with others. I want to be real with people, because life really is hard and we really do walk in great trials. Life is seasons. I know this tough season will end because God is faithful and He brings good out of every situation. I won’t share all the details, but I have felt alone. My best friend and her family moved away, and then not long after my husband joined the Air Force Reserves and is away at Basic Training (BMT).


So I have been lonely. Missing my husband, missing my friends… But you know what? I haven’t let Jesus be my friend. I have’t let Him in the mess with me. Because I literally feel like a mess. He wants to be here with me in this, but I haven’t been letting Him help me.

Until now. I have been turning back to Him and letting Him be my source. I am seeking Him harder, I am reading His word more. I am praying more. I literally cannot walk this life without Him. Jesus is the greatest friend. When we’re alone, we have to let Him in. He is comfort, He is peace, He is protection, He is kind. We need Him everyday.

Having my husband away has been a whole new level of difficult. I miss him terribly, but I also know this season isn’t going to last forever and he will be home again. God wanted him to join for a reason and I trust and believe that He is doing good things in our little family’s life. However, this decision wasn’t easy. I am pregnant with our second little girl and raising an 18month old while he is away. Thank the Lord for my family! I am currently living with my family while he is away at training and it has been a huge blessing. I couldn’t imagine being home alone. It is nice to have people around to help me and be there for me. They have been very supportive and helpful. I write to my husband everyday. He will be home a few months before the baby is born, so I know when he gets home time will fly and our second princess will be here. This has been the most exciting thing this year. Because the rest of this year has been extremely hard.

Enjoy Your Season

God is in the midst of it all. I know life comes with trials, and I believe He is faithful through it all. This is just a season. I must embrace the season I am in. This is a special time to spend with my daughter one on one before her sister is born. This is a special time for me to spend time with my family again. And this is a special time for me to grow in my relationship with the Father and love for my husband. God has a purpose for your trials and your pain, and your confusing times too. I know it seems hard right now, I get it. It’s really dark sometimes, and the devil will get you when you’re down. I’ve been through it. He kicks you while you’re down and will attack over and over until you’re done. But ya know what? You’re not done. You’re going to be okay. God is with you. You gotta reach out to Him! Press through the dark. Even if you have to encourage yourself, do it. You can get through this with Jesus! I promise. I am pulling myself out of a dark mindset right now. I know exactly how you’re feeling. Depression will tear you down into the dark and make it seem impossible to climb out. But Jesus will come in and pull you out of the dark and into His marvelous light because He is good and He is kind.

“There’s no shadow He won’t light up, mountain He won’t climb up coming after me.

There’s no wall He won’t kick down, lie He won’t tear down, coming after me.”-Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

I love this song.. the bridge really speaks to me. He will literally tear things time and climb to get to you because He loves YOU. Think about that, He LOVES you. When you’re feeling dark, turn on that worship music and pray. Start reading the word. That is the only thing that helps me. it shuts the enemies mouth and causes you to only hear truth and life. You need to let light in. Don’t encourage the dark to stay by entertaining it. It’s okay to not be okay, but don’t stay there. We can get caught feeling sorry for ourselves but we have to get out of that mindset because it will hold you back. God has plans for your season. Embrace it. It is going to be okay.

Even when it feels like you’re too far gone, He is there and He will tear down those lies that the enemy has spoken over you and light up the shadows hiding in your life. Joy comes in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day. Take it day by day. Let the light in. Reach out to the King of Kings. He is faithful. I am always here if you want to talk. DM me on instagram or Facebook. You’re not alone.

Written by Olivia Mancini

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