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I have recently been more active on my ministry’s Instagram page. On my Instagram story, I had asked a question about what I should write about and most people said to write about “body image.” I then had a poll asking if anyone was confident in their appearance, most said no. Another thing I asked was if people felt worthy or not, a lot of people voted for the latter option. That broke my heart. I want everyone to know that they are beautiful, and that God has a purpose for them. They are absolutely worthy of being loved by the King.

The media doesn’t help with this issue. All over the social network sites, we see pictures of people’s perfect lives. We see the highlights, the edited photos. . . etc. Nothing is what it seems. It has to be “Instagram worthy,” which means that it has to have the best lighting, the best settings, and the best atmosphere to look good. Behind the scenes, however, their life is much different. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram isn’t all bad. I actually love Instagram and I use that app way more than I use Facebook. The problem with Instagram is that it doesn’t help if you aren’t content with what you have, and certainly doesn’t help if you’re not confident in yourself.

Is our self-worth in what the world says about us? Or is our self-worth in God? If it is in the world, you’ll never rise up to it’s expectations because the world’s expectations are unrealistic and fake. God put you on this world for a reason. He chose you before you were conceived. That should give you confidence!

“But Liv, just because God has a purpose for me doesn’t mean that I feel confident in myself.” I get it. I totally know how you feel. After having my daughter, my body changed a lot. I don’t feel super confident in my body; but you know what I realized? Why does that matter? Who am I trying to impress? I’m married, but even if I wasn’t, I don’t need to attract people with my body. I don’t need to live up to the “worldly standard” just for people to except me. If a guy or a girl only like you for your body, then they are wrong. Your worth isn’t in your body, your clothes, your hair, your make-up, or your voice. Your worth is in God.

God says,

“You’re beautiful

You’re chosen

You’re loved

You’re a friend of Jesus

You’re His child

You’re accepted

You’re set free

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit

You’re a new creation

You’re blessed with every spiritual blessing

You’re blameless

You’re forgiven

You’re not forsaken

You’re His workmanship

You’re a citizen of Heaven

You’re beloved

You are loved!”

You have no reason not to be confident. Write these things down and replace “you,” with “I am.” Speak these truths over yourself every day. Whenever you feel down, speak these truths out loud. Believe it and embrace it! You’re amazing. Whether you’re a man or a woman, your confidence should be in Christ. Don’t let the world’s voice be louder than God’s voice in your life. Let truth wash over you, make you feel worth it and accepted. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. If this still doesn’t help, try to figure out the root of your sadness or unworthiness. Maybe unrepentant sin? Rejection in life that leaves you feeling worthless? Unforgiveness towards someone who hurt you? Whatever it is, speak light into that dark place and renounce it. Don’t let it sit there any longer. Don’t let the enemy have a foothold or a place to hide in your life. Speak it out. Through Jesus, you have the power to overcome. If you need guidance in this area, or prayer, or maybe further council and encouragement, please REACH OUT. Find someone you trust who is rooted in the Lord, or message me. I am always here to talk and help. You’re not meant to fight alone.

Written by Olivia Mancini

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