Keziah’s Testimony – Trust The Process

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Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am excited to share with you all my good friend Keziah’s story! This young lady is such a joy and is so on fire for the Lord! Anyways, I’ll stop blabbering, here is Keziah’s story.


When I was very young my biological father had walked out of our lives. It effected me, but very little. When I was about 10 he called me and my siblings. I had been praying every night for a very long time that he would someday find Jesus, I mean we all had. But one day when I was 10 years old he called us…. I really thought he changed, because we talked to him for less than 1 month, and then one day he stopped. It honestly hurt so bad and I was just so angry at God and at myself and at him!

I ended up putting all the pain on the people who actually cared the most and I hated that! I prayed and prayed that God would take the pain away because it was really hurting, and then God did. A couple years later we had met our older brother Skyler that we hadn’t seen since we were at least two years old. It honestly answered so many questions and it really opened up my eyes and made me understand the things that I didn’t fully comprehend. I know that God never intended for our life to turn out the way it did with Brad leaving, but The Lord ALWAYS has a plan B! Why? Because HE knows that we all make mistakes and He will never say  “oh well he already messed up once so i’m just gonna give up on him.” NO! That is not how He works! God gave made him my biological father for a reason! There is a reason he is still alive. Sometimes I would question it, “Why is God not answering my prayers”? “Is it not good enough or is he to far gone”? No! I don’t know what God is doing in his life and in his heart at this second. God never leaves anything unfinished! There is a quote about the prodigal son that says

“The difference between mercy and grace? Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. Grace gave him a feast”

God does not just give up on us! God is truly amazing! And I truly believe that maybe the reason we don’t hear God answer our prayers YET is because we haven’t totally gave HIM complete control and let Him be the captain of our ship (body) and let him guide us to tell us what is the next step. We shouldn’t just be praying for Him to solve our problems but to work on OUR hearts. Let God be your guide on how to react to the soon to be answered prayer and to TRUST THE PROCESS! God will never give up on His amazing and beautiful children! 

 This is the story on how I truly found Jesus!
Isn’t that amazing? God sure is using this young lady! She found Jesus by letting Him lead the way and trusting the process. Sometimes we go through really difficult things in life, but we need to trust that God will work it together for good. Amen! Thank you Keziah for sharing.

Written by Olivia Mancini

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