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If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches? Luke 16:11

When I was seventeen years old I had my first “real” job. Before then I did a lot of babysitting, but this was my first steady paycheck and I was thrilled! I had to get up at 6:00am every morning (except for the weekends) to get to work before 7:00am. My first intention for getting this job was to earn money (As is anyone’s intention of getting a job). I wanted a lot of things, new clothes, a smartphone, car… etc. I was so excited to save for all these things!

But the Lord didn’t just have me there to earn money, but to teach me work ethic, and to submit to authority either than my parents. I loved that job. There were days that were harder than others, but I was faithful in showing up on time and being the best worker I could be. I always made sure I had a positive attitude, I was respectful to my elders, and I worked as if working unto the Lord. Even when my bosses weren’t watching me, God was watching me. There was a long walk from where I would get dropped off at work to the main door where I could enter. (That was before I got my car). But as I walked down the long driveway every morning I would pray over my work place. I remember I would look up at the sky and ask the Lord to fill the place with His Holy Spirit and to turn everyone there to Him (Bold prayer, I know). But then I would say, “But if not all, Lord, if I could just reach one person, I would be happy.” I remember praying this a lot. I would also pray that the Lord would let people see Him in me even without me even saying a word. I wanted people to know my God. I was practicing faithfulness there. I was faithful with the job He blessed me with because I was thankful that He gave it to me in the first place and I worked there for His glory. But there were days when I wanted to quit, but I stayed and I was faithful. Now, an old friend of mine from that job attends my church weekly. I couldn’t have been more thankful! God heard my prayers and because I was faithful with what I had He blessed me.

During the time when I started working there, our church ran a youth group lesson called “Generation Change”. That is by Dave Ramsey. There I learned how to manage my finances, how to save for things efficiently, and how not to get into debt. I learned so much and was able to put it into practice. I had to make a written budget either once a week, or I would make a budget for the whole month. I would set aside 10% of my income to tithe to my church, I also set aside gas money, emergency fund money, and spending money. It worked really well for me. But as I got older and got married a lot of that changed. I now have a husband who helps with the finances and a lot more to budget for. Having your own place and a baby to care for changes your finances a lot! SO, before you get married, make sure you have a good understanding on saving and finances, you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t.

I trust my husband to care for our finances. He is very wise in this department. We are learning to be faithful with what the Lord has given us and to be thankful. Even if you are not married, you should learn now to be content with what you have and to be faithful with it.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness! Matthew 25:23

The Bible says that if we are faithful with little or “few” then He will grant you with more. Jesus wants us to be faithful and thankful! Being thankful for what you were blessed with because many don’t have what you have. Think of it this way, the Lord blesses you with a new car. Someone gifts you with it and worked really hard for you to be able to have it. But, you trash the car. You don’t change the oil when you’re supposed to, you don’t clean it, you carelessly drive it around until one day you crash it or it just stops working because you didn’t take care of the engine. How would that person feel if they saw how you treated the gift that they gave you? They worked hard to give you that wonderful gift but you did not care for it. You weren’t faithful with what you had, then you go to that person and ask them if they can buy you a new one. What do you think their response would be? Probably not a good one. Why would that person want to give you more when you didn’t even care for what you had in the first place? Make sense now? That is how the Lord feels when we ruin the things that He so lovingly blesses us with.

Thank the Lord for all that you have. Take care of it. Treasure it.

My mom used to say this to me all the time, “Take care of what little you have and He will bless you with more.” She was quoting the scripture Luke 16:11 (See Above). When she would say this, it stuck with me.  I still have to remind myself of this daily as I clean up my home or car. “The Lord has blessed me with these things, I will take care of them.”

What about spiritual gifts? When God gifts us with the ability to do something, do we squander it? Do we use it for the world and not His glory? Do we waste our talents and strengths on things that don’t matter? We do this all the time. Whatever the Father has blessed you with, be faithful in it. I cannot wait for the day when He says “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” I want to be faithful in what He has given me, or what He has trusted to me. Not because I expect more, but because I am thankful with what He has given more and if it is His will, He will bless me with more. He is a good Father. I hope this message encourages you all today to walk in faithfulness and to be thankful for what you have. All of His promises are YES and AMEN!

Written by Olivia Mancini

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