A Promise To God by Abigail LaPenna

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For those who don’t know me, after I turned 15 I made the decision to wear a purity ring.  I wear my ring on my ring finger and the only time it will ever be removed is when I become engaged in the future.  It’s not just a ring, it’s a promise.  A promise to my future husband that I will wait as long as I have to for him.  This used to be way more common…it’s very rare to see in our culture today.   It’s very hard sometimes to stay strong.  I’ve had plenty of people make fun of me for making a promise to someone I may have never met or seen.  Our relationships are supposed to emulate God’s relationship with us.   We aren’t supposed to use people for our own purposes, we’re supposed to be ever caring and loving as our Father has been for us.   It’s not just in the good times when everything is going well, but in the bad times when you want to give up that it matters the most. 

Why did I make this promise?  It was a personal choice, no one ever pressured me.  I came across this quote by Charles Stanley that I really loved.

 “Our willingness to wait reveals the value of what we are waiting for.”  

My spouse means more than the world to me.  I can only imagine how much more my love will be for him when he is revealed to me.  God has hand picked someone out for you.  This person will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.  When you meet the right person that God has hand picked for you, do you want to bring a heart that has already given most of it’s love away?  Or do you want to bring a heart that has faithfully waited just for that person?  Just as we are waiting for our Heavenly Bridegroom, so should we wait for our earthly bridegroom that our God has chosen for us.  

My ring has become part of me.  I love it so much, and it is way more than just a ring to me.  It is a constant reminder of my promise to wait.  This is definitely something everyone should do, whether you’re a guy or girl does not matter.  I’d love to see guys making this promise and wearing purity rings.  Our society has forgotten how to love as our Father first loved us. So I encourage those who have already  made this promise to wait and save their heart for their future spouse.  Surround yourself with friends who will honor your choice and friends that will build you up. You do not need to fit in, because you were made to stand out and be a witness of what true love looks like.   If you have not made this choice, I encourage you to pray and get advice from people who have already made this journey.  If you have no one to contact or need a friend to help you on the way, feel free to message me. 

Thank you Abigail for sharing! It is so good to see other youth strive to honor God and walk in obedience in Him! If you or someone you know woud like to write for me, feel free to email me at livsteendevos@gmail.com

Hope you all enjoyed Abigail’s purity jounrey blog! I pray you are all blessed and encouraged by it. Feel free to share with family and friends!

Written by Olivia Mancini

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